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Not an ordinary webcam
Cisco Desk Cam
Whether you are working from home or you are in the office, the Cisco Desk Camera is your perfect solution for high quality meetings from anywhere.
169.00 €
or rent for 5.50 €
TEAMWORK made easy
Cisco Desk Series
Calling, messaging, meeting and more. Transform any desk into the workplace of the future and celebrate teamwork with intelligent collaboration devices.
Perfect sound
Create an outstanding audio experience in every call. No matter where you work. This is our promise.
Crystal Clear Calls
Cisco 730
Experience the future of headsets with the Cisco 730. Crystal clear calls to stay focused on what matters most.
269.00 €
or rent for 10.00 €
Business Communication at its best
Cisco Phone Series
Phone calls have never been so comfortable. Make every call count. Business-class phones for the desk, the frontline, and everywhere between.
Cisco Room Series
Eliminate the distance — with video bars and smart multi-screen video conferencing that turn every workspace into a conference room.
Cisco Room Kit Mini
Host the highest quality online meetings — with a powerful AI video conferencing system in a compact bar. Thanks to the 120° camera, all colleagues are in focus. And with noise suppression and auto framing you always concentrate on the one who is talking.
2,999.00 €
or rent for 99.00 €
Easy Process
How it works
Get started right away. Ordering the devices takes just a few clicks and you can choose between rental or purchase options.